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    When can I get paid?

    Checks and wires are scheduled to go out the last week of the following month. Payout requests are best submitted by the 5th day following the close of the month. Out of normal cycle payouts are possible, but there is an extra charge.

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    Is there a salary?

    No. One of the benefits of trading with a proprietary trading firm is that you are responsible for your compensation. With the ability to get a percentage of your trading profits you get to control how much you make.

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    How much buying power can I get?

    That is going to vary from trader to trader and will be based on a number of factors. The most important of these will be the risk profile of your trading. We like to say that we support good trading and offer professional levels of buying power.

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    Can I trade remotely?

    You certainly can. Thats what JC Trading Group does best. We've supported remote trading for years and are well suited to do just that. You can download any of the platforms to your computer or laptop and trade anywhere.

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    What can I trade?

    You have the NYSE, NASDAQ equity markets with no pink sheets stocks available. You also can trade options.

  • 6

    What platforms can I use?

    With three different platforms available, you should be able to find one that meets your specific needs. These platforms include Fusion, Sterling Pro, and Lightspeed.