Welcome to the JC Trading Group

JC Trading is an excellent choice for the experienced or new trader. Traders in our group utilize the latest in dependable and lightning-fast trading technologies along with a premier selection of routing choices. Everything from your most popular ECN’s, to dark pools, to managed routes; you’ll have one of the most complete selections to quickly execute in a manner you control. We recognize that there is an increasingly challenging environment in trading and we seek to provide traders with the tools that they need and the low latency they demand. You can make your routing as complex or simple as you choose.

Our Mission

The goal of the JC Trading Group is simple: Provide experienced traders with the most reliable and advanced technology combined with exceptional trader support. We believe that this will attract and retain the quality traders that we’ve be privileged to have over the years and that make up the character of this group. As a result, we look forward to forming long term partnerships with each trader in our group.

Why JC Trading?

Automated Trading

Let us know where we can help. Co-location services available as well as programming assistance if requested.

Competitive Deals

We understand that traders are different and have specific needs. In addition to standard offers, we are able to customize. Need lower execution costs? Higher payout percentage? We can make it work. Tell us what you're looking for an we'll do everything we can to make it work.

Exceptional Trading Software

If you're looking for high speed execution with low latency and a complete selection of routing solutions you're in luck. Trading with us has never been faster or the platform more stable. Choose from three of the most popular and highly recognized platforms: Fusion, Lightspeed, or Sterling Pro.

Remote Trading

We know remote trading and can help you with all your needs.

Trader Support

Supporting traders is our top priority at JC Trading. The support staff at JC Trading  is available during the trading day and after to make sure that traders get a timely response in these fast moving markets.

Trading Tools

In addition to the level 2 dma access, charts, and indicators that our platform offers, we make available extremely robust PnL analysis tools. You can look at your trading in the professional and critical way that is a must in today's market. ie. Time of day, average length of time held, and longs vs. short. You can see exactly where you're making the most money, which symbols, what time, and also where you might seek any improvement.